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Brady And Gronk Running Routes And Laughing Like Little Kids Is Giving Me All The Feels (I Hate That I Said That But I Can't Really Think Of Another Way To Describe It)

I apologize for the headline but I drank too much over the break and my brain isn’t even close to firing on all cylinders now. I turned my IQ into that of a 12 year old girl and while I feel it coming back, it’s still not there. Maybe by tomorrow? Probably Sunday. Hopefully Monday. Until then you’re getting feels and doggos and other mind-numbingly dumb phrases, because my mind is numb and dumb.

Despite that, I’ve still got enough operating power to fall back in love with the Patriots and get confident again. All year I’ve ridden the rollercoaster with the rest of New England where we’ve gone from good to bad to I just don’t know man and now we’re back to good. All week they’ve been giving each other big kissies (see? 12 year old girl) at press conferences. Everyone from Trey Flowers to Gronk to Brady talking about how much this team loves each other and wants to pick each other up. Now they’re out there playing like kids and I’ll tell you what, never doubt the love of the game. I’ve seen the Kevin Costner movie one too many times to make that mistake (seriously I’ve somehow seen that movie about 10-12 times, which has to have me in the top 1% of the world). Never doubt the love of the game and never doubt Tom Brady in the playoffs.

Just wish they’d run this drill after practice before the Miami game so everyone would’ve seen that it maybe wouldn’t be a great idea to put Gronk at safety.