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KFC Radio Season 2 Premiere Part II And The New Barstool Hoodie Giveaway Contest

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Here’s part II of this season’s premiere. In case you can’t tell by now, we’re gonna break up each episode into 2 or 3 parts so that we can air them throughout the week, that way people who can’t sit through a full hour or so can watch it in pieces. Part 2 was probably one of the more absurd 30 minutes in KFC Radio history.

But the real news coming from this first episode of season 2 is our new Barstool hoodie giveaway contest. Got these Barstool sweats drawn up this past week:

(pants actually look more like the navy color of the hoodie)

We should have had this gear made like Day Barstool Sports was created, but whatever. We’re giving away your choice of the hoodie or the pants to all the KFC Radio listeners and our followers on twitter. Each week, one of us will be tweeting out a KFC Radio trivia question. Just a random question that comes from that week’s episode content tweeted out by me, Puerto Rican Puff Daddy, Feitelberg or Big Cat. We’ll pick a random Stoolie that A) answers correctly and B) follows everyone from the show, and we’ll send them the hoodie or pants, their choice. So follow us on twitter and make sure you keep up with every episode for a chance to win the nicest Stool gear we’ve ever created. This week’s question is gonna be sent out by super producer @BrendanClancy at some point this afternoon, so follow him now. The rest of the questions will be randomly sent from one of the KFC Radio accounts, so keep up with the rest of the gang: