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Coach O Had LSU Run An Oklahoma Drill In The Locker Room During Halftime Of The UCF Game

As the half ran down in the Fiesta Bowl, UCF completed an unlikely TD:

Coach O was NOT happy about it:

So, what did he do? Most coaches would let their team hear it, which I’m sure Coach O did, but he took on another motivation tactic: have the players run the Big Cat Drill:

This drill is infamous at LSU and is very similar to an Oklahoma Drill (minus the ball carrier & tackler):

This will come as no surprise to the Coach O faithful, but this is just yet another example of him being the perfect #FootballGuy. Having it happen on the field would’ve been great, but in the locker room? On cement? Absolutely electric. I hope there is film of it out there. No wonder LSU shut down UCF in the second half, minus a garbage time score. The defending national champs had no shot.