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Matt Brown Basically Used To Be In Fight Club At Fordham And Now He's In Rough N Rowdy

Dave is always talking about how Barstool attracts weird brains and shit but this might be the weirdest one yet. It seems like every goddamn employee at this place will be here and be rather under the radar for a bit and then, boom, something happens that just makes you realize they’re a fuckin psycho. I mean Matt Brown has been here like since we moved to New York, I’m pretty sure he’s one of our longest tenured employees on the second floor, and it’s just now being revealed to the world that he would go to house parties in the Bronx and basically be in fight club while college kids stood around a backyard cheering him on? WHAT? I’ve never heard of anything remotely resembling that and I went to state school. We’d just stand in backyards and drink and didn’t need to add bloodsport to the equation to enjoy ourselves.

But I’ll tell you what, I’d regret this getting out there if I was Matt. Before everyone expected to see like a 23 year old ad salesman fight, now I’m gonna be furious if he’s anything less than Brad Pitt in Snatch. Always keep the bar low, folks.