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Triplets Stir Cheating Controversy At A High School Basketball Game

Triplets, like the example in the thumbnail photo, are three children or offspring born at the same birth. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to move on to the rest of the story about a shady basketball team.

But first, Lindsay Lohan for context. In the 1998 classic The Parent Trap two girls realize that they are twin sisters separated at birth by their divorced parents, and they decide to switch places to meet the parent that they’ve never met. Because they look so much alike, their parents don’t realize they’ve switched.

This is sort of what went down in Missouri at a tournament championship between Dora HS & Licking HS. (Just replace the double-Lohan for Dora’s Luna triplets & the Parent Trap parents for referees…) (What a stretch, Kate.)

From the Springfield News-Leader:

Video apparently shows No. 34 Auston Luna for Dora being fouled in the corner. When he goes to the free throw line, he’s met by one of his triplet brothers — either Mason Luna or Bryson Luna. Auston Luna then goes to the sideline to talk to his coach — who is apparently his father and Dora High School principal, Rick Luna — while his brother stays at the free throw line.

Dora HS went on to win the game over Licking 64 – 62.

The refs never made any calls & parents of the other team from Licking High School say they didn’t notice it happening until watching videos after the fact. Fans (moms & dads) of other opposing teams say the Luna brothers did the same thing at their games as well.

The Missouri State High School Activities Association was notified & spokesman Jason West said,

“We’ve reached out to the administration to discuss it further. As far as the game itself, there’s not a lot that can be done since the game is over. In situations like this, it’s more just a discussion and education of the officials and things like that.”

If I had identical triplet siblings we wouldn’t cheat at sports, but I’d like to think one of us would get a nice job & then the three of us would swap out at it all year long so I got 1/3 of the year dancing my life away on a tropical vacation.