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Scumbag Philly Fan Gets Arrested For Stealing Guitars, Says "Go Eagles" While on Camera, Represents Philly to a T

PITTSTON, Pa. — The only thing Dale Sourbeck, 49 of Pittston, had to say after police arrested him for burglary was, “Go Eagles.”

The face he made when he realized he was on camera while allegedly trying to steal guitars from Rock Street Music in Pittston around 3 a.m. on Thursday told a different story.

Police were able to catch up with Sourbeck because surveillance video caught a clear picture of his license plate and officers say they found stolen guitars in his home.

Manager Marie Griglock says it was a mess when she came in for work.

“With a hammer, they broke the window up on the door and there’s glass all over the place and they got in the store,” said Griglock.

The manager says an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar were taken from the display and were worth about $1,000 total.

“I was shocked because I was here the day before and I didn’t know anybody to break in here and steal stuff,” said Stephen Kerish of Pittston.

Police say Sourbeck tried to get away with even more.

Surveillance video shows him coming back into the store – this time with a mask and then crawling on the floor.

He ended up grabbing three more guitars but he wasn’t expecting to meet Adam Danaher on the street.

“I asked him if he robbed the place and he said, ‘yeah.’ He started running. He wasn’t running very fast, so I proceeded to chase him. Then I told him I was going to shoot him and he said he was going to shoot me back and when he said that he dropped the guitars,” said Danaher.

Sourbeck has been charged with burglary and other counts.

He is locked up in Luzerne County jail.

If this guy doesn’t perfectly embody everything about Philly, I don’t know what does.  Just such, such a JV city.  It’s the Detroit of the east coast: yeah, it has it’s place in history and was important centuries ago, but now it’s just unnecessary.  Carl said it best: anyone who has any talent at all that is from Philadelphia winds up in NYC or DC.

Examples: Rone, Fran.

This is all just a fact.  This guitar thief in particular without question has a wife and slew of kids back at home in his 2 bed, 1 bath apartment, all of whom have faces that look like beat up catchers mitts from years of sitting in tanning beds and summers of smoking crack on on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.  I almost want to feel bad for him… Almost.

And his life is about to get all the worse, because Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are about to get straight up wasted on Sunday.  Like I fully expect this graphic to pop up when the clock strikes 0:00 Sunday night:

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 8.34.08 AM

Bear weather, 40 MPH winds piping in straight off the lake, and rabid Bears fans with an insatiable thirst for playoff success is not gonna make his weekend stay in a 5×5 jail cell fun.  And I say weekend stay because I’m making the safe assumption that he isn’t able to afford posting bail.

Gonna leave this little hype video here for Dale, in case whatever county jail he’s in allows him internet access: