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You Do NOT Want To Mess With Mama Leonard

I love this. Fans can be assholes sometimes, and while I think there’s nothing wrong with a little booing in a situation like Kawhi’s return, there are always going to be some out there that take it a little to far. Well Mama Leonard certainly wasn’t having any of that shit and completely bodybagged this Spurs troll. Not sure how he comes back from that “asssshoolle” dig. Telling him to look that up was a classic mom burn. Not sure what you do if you’re that guy, she hit you with the asshole, she told you to sit your ass down and shut up, I think you have to just sit your ass down and shut up. What are you going to do, heckle an older lady? That’s not a great look to begin with, but it’s certainly not possible once she just bodybagged you like this.

Frankly, I love seeing the relatives of players go after fans. I dunno why, maybe it’s based on back in the day my Celtics seats were right by KG’s sister and his family didn’t put up with shit either. I just don’t get the motive here by that Spurs fan, obviously she knew there would be boos, but what’s the end game with going after her? Like who else do you think would be wearing a Kawhi Raptors jersey in SA other than his family? Sort of a scumbag move if you ask me. I just wish these two were closer so she could have knocked his ass out because you know she’s capable. This woman produced one of the best basketball robots on the planet, you don’t think she’s tough as hell? Also not a great look that this dude was wearing a fedora of some kind. Not are you an asshole for chirping someone’s mother, but you also look like an asshole while you do it. Tough break.

But yeah, I’m not messing with Mama Leonard, I prefer to live.