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Former UFC Fighter Pulls A Real-Life Equalizer And Stops Some Dude From Physically Assaulting A Woman Outside

If you’re like me, and practically get off on these “instant justice” videos, you read my headline, watched the scumbag in yellow yank this woman’s ponytail into bolivian, and strapped in for what would surely be a brutal beatdown he’d receive in return. What we got, however, might’ve been even better.

After the attacker drags this woman behind a van and continues to assault her, former UFC fighter Denis Stojnic rans out of what I’d imagine is the club, or bar they were in – with intent – goes right up to the villain of this story, and decks him right in the face. No hesitation. Pow right in the kissa. He then pulls the move of the CENTURY and tosses him directly behind a column that blocks our view of whatever the fuck happened next…like any true superhero or vigilante would do.


I know some of you may be disappointed by this being the only angle we’ve got, but it truly made the video a hundred times better in my eyes. The mystique of what happened behind that column is better than anything I could’ve actually seen. In my head, that was 100% intentional and he knew exactly where the camera capturing this encounter was placed. Denis Stojnic is an Equalizer and you’ll never convince me otherwise now. Shoutout to him for being the hero he was.

P.S. Speaking of ‘The Equalizer’, one of my favorite, most rewatchable action movies of all time, I watched ‘The Equalizer 2′ over break, and…WOW. Just WOW. It was fucking phenomenal. I mean…it was pretty much exactly like the first one, but I didn’t care. I would literally watch a thousand Equalizer movies with Denzel fucking people up in ‘em. A thousand. Few things in life give me as much joy as the brief moments before Denzel kills mothafuckas in those movies, when they’re fucking with him and have no idea who they’re fucking with. It’s just so perfect. I laugh out loud and actually yell at the screen, through tears, shit like, “AWWWW YOU GON’ DIE TODAY!”

I honestly don’t know what those movies bring out in me but I need more of them, and ASAP.