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Joe Rogan's Reaction To Amanda Nunes Knocking Out Cris Cyborg Is Why He's The Best In The Biz

…and THAT, ladies and gents, is what separates Joe Rogan from the rest of ‘em!

Joe’s genuine enthusiasm towards mixed martial arts is bar none, and when he’s calling fights, it truly feels like he’s as big a fan as anybody on the planet. Except maybe this guy…

Honestly though, shit like this, Joe losing all control of his limbs (and possibly bowels?) after Amanda Nunes sent Cris Cyborg into the shadow realm…it’s the perfect encapsulation of the drama that the highest level of mixed martial arts brings, and the epitome of why I love combat sports as much as I do. Where else are the stakes so high?

Cris Cyborg went into the arena last Saturday night the UFC Featherweight Champion, undefeated for 13 years – seemingly untouchable – and at the top of her game, and left title-less after being decimated in just 51 seconds by Amanda Nunes, the new “king of the jungle”, as Conor McGregor would put it. From potentially being considered the greatest of all time, to definitively NOT being considered the greatest of all time.

On the flip side, Nunes, the UFC Bantamweight Champion, went into UFC 232 as just that, moving up a weight class to challenge 145 Champ Cris Cyborg, and got little to no respect from the oddsmakers and fans alike. Closing at +200, she was a pretty sizable underdog, who has felt she hasn’t gotten the recognition she deserves for almost two years now, and by the time the night was over, she was an absolute certainty for the UFC Hall of Fame, and the first woman to ever hold two championships in the UFC simultaneously. The greatest of ALL TIME.

Fucking unbelievable! And I’m sure in the coming months, Cyborg will get her chance at redemption, and Nunes will get the chance to cement her legacy even further in the form of a rematch, where those stakes get raised even higher.

What a phenomenal sport. You gotta love it.