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If Spurs Fans Don't Boo Kawhi Leonard Tonight They Should Be Forced To Remove A Finals Banner And Be Relegated Back To The ABA

Orlando Magic v San Antonio Spurs

[NBC4] - “I don’t speak for other people but I hope we treat everybody with kindness and respect, said Popovich. “We always have in the past.”

Now, I don’t want to overreact here but I got a big bone to pick with Pop right now. I don’t want any respect, I want booing to high heavens. Sure, maybe don’t like attack his family or shit like that, but really get after him with a hearty boo. This is a guy that demanded a trade. This is a guy that potentially sat out last season just to prove a point. Remember last year Kawhi didn’t travel with the team during the playoffs and sat out essentially the whole year because of a quad injury and a fight with the Spurs. He was rehabbing in New York with his group instead of working with the team in San Antonio.

You have the right to boo the hell out of this guy, no matter how damn good he is. No matter that he won you a title. To quote the great Billy Madison you get off your ass and you boo that fucking guy. I mean think about it.

You got back DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard. You don’t want that mess. What Spurs fans really need to do is cheer as loud as possible for Danny Green and then boo as much as possible when it comes to Kawhi. Let him know that you mean business. If this doesn’t happen, I think we need to remove the 2014 NBA Finals banner. If we can do it in college basketball, we can do it in the NBA.