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Little Kid Dunking At The Bulls Game Is Everything That Is Wrong With Today's Youth Basketball

Oh wow, so cute.  Cute if you like the destruction of basketball fundamentals.  Cute if you like the desecration of a once beautiful game.   Cute if you’re enamored with the defilement of a sport.  Ask today’s kids what James invented basketball and they’ll probably tell you Harden.  And this little brat is Exhibit A, B and C.  Mikan drills, chest passes and the triple threat have been replaced with crab dribbles, eurosteps and stirring your bowl of cereal for the crowd after a 20 second iso and off-balance 16 foot jump shot.  Only thing missing from this display was a Lebron-flop to get the and-one.   An absolute American tragedy.

Somebody tell this little punk that layups count just the same as double backflip reverse dunks.