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The Jets Asked To Interview Iowa State Coach Matt Campbell, He Said "Nah"

Disclaimer: I’m a Jets fan, so I’ve been put through the ringer and know exactly how miserable it is to cheer for this brutal franchise. So, everything I’m going to say is out of a place of pure, pure love.

This is just one of those things you hate to see. Matt Campbell is a good coach. I’d say he is a bit overrated, but what he has done at Iowa State has been special. On the surface, you’ll see he’s 19-18 in Ames, but when you dig deeper you’ll notice that no coach of Iowa State has a record above .500 since Earle Bruce (1973-1978).

Here’s the thing: he’s not the best coach in college football and he coaches in Ames, Iowa. No disrespect to the great people of Ames, but the money in the NFL and attraction of NYC should be enough to, at the minimum, take the interview, right? Not for Matt Campbell, he simply told the Jets “nah.”

When you see he has a baby face it only makes it worse. Sometimes I see him on the sidelines and he looks like a guy who won a “Coach Iowa State For A Game” contest at a county fair in Iowa.

A humbling experience for the Jets. They are the guy holding out at the bar for something to come his way. Finally, close to closing time, he works up the courage to go hit on an average looking girl and she just laughs in his face. Brutal. Back to the drawing board for Gang Green. Kliff Kingsbury has been mentioned recently. Nothing like bringing in a guy who just got fired at Texas Tech to coach your multi-billion dollar NFL franchise.