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“They Cheatin’ – They Are Creatin’ Their Own Players”: College Football Genius Finally Uncovers The Conspiracy Of How Alabama Is So Good

It’s January 2nd, so calling any video the video of the year is a bit premature, but I think we may have a leader in the clubhouse with this one. Just phenomenal. Thank god for the internet so great minds like this one have a platform.

“Them kids are created. Ain’t nobody birthing no big ass kids like that, those folks are created.”

He’s not wrong. Them kids are created by Nick Saban in the basement of Alabama’s facility. That’s a fact. Should be called the Alabama Frakensteins.

“Number 92 on that team? Look how big and aggressive that damn baby is. That man took his helmet off, that man had BRACES.”

Quinnen Williams having braces is undeniably hilarious.

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“Did you see how number 8 ran over that BOY”

The story of Josh Jacobs is amazing. Three-star recruit from Oklahoma. The Sooners didn’t offer him. He goes to Alabama, becomes a manimal, and will be the first Alabama offensive player taken in the draft this year. The crazy part? He’s the backup RB.

“Nick Saban been 43-years-old for the past 12 seasons.”

This was the highlight of the video until we closed with one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard:

“What is a Notre Dame? What the hell is a Notre Dame? That some folktale shit.”