Not A Big Deal Or Anything But Claude Giroux Just Scored The Goal Of The Year Against Tampa Bay



Listen. I’m not an idiot. I realize that we see that between-the-legs power move at least a dozen times throughout the NHL season. That’s not what makes this goal so goddamn nasty. It’s that stick lift he pulls on McDonagh that really sets this goal apart from the rest of the pack. That right there is next level. Not only does he take McDonagh out for a walk, but he takes that weak ass poke check and shoves it right back up McDonagh’s ass for him. And just look at that 2nd GIF. Giroux is the only white sweater you see on the screen the entire time until JvR comes into the frame at the very end. 4 Lightning players and then he dunks it on Vasilevskiy who, ya know, is only the best goalie in the league right now.

Claude Giroux is elite and if you disagree, you’re a fucking idiot. Plain and simple. There’s no argument there. Claude is elite and the only people who will disagree are either blind haters or people who have mashed potatoes for brains. What a filthy son of a bitch.

P.S. – in b4 Penguins fans take over the comment section making the same joke about grabbing a cop’s ass. Real original you mayonnaise chugging bitches.