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Meet The Man Who Plans On Eating Exclusively At Olive Garden For The Next 49 Days


( On September 8th, I purchased a Pasta Pass, and immediately realized my life’s goal. For the 49 days of Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl™, I will consume nothing but food obtained through that fine establishment. On this site, I will document my journey – the friendships I create and destroy, the changes my body goes through as it adjusts to a purely carbohydrate-based diet, reviews of each and every one of the 150+ combinations of pasta, sauce, and toppings – and so on.
My name is Vino, and I am going to eat all the pasta.

No man’s hand will stay my fork.

No woman’s love will sway my heart.

No doctor’s order will restore my cholesterol.

My name is Vino.

I am going to eat all the pasta.



Did I expect an obese man wearing sweatpants and a stained t-shirt? Yes, I did. Will I take Vino, the skinny kid with a lisp? Of course. God speed Vino, can’t wait to see how cool this journey will be. And when I say cool I mean I’ll probably get super bored of watching you eat pasta and give up on caring in roughly 2 days.



Graphics team needs a little work Vino.