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Tyrion's Speech From Game Of Thrones Mixed With Evil Hamster Music Because The Internet

Original evil hamster.

ATTENTION: For sure a big spoiler in this next 38 second clip so if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones this season (or any season) don’t watch it and skip this blog.


PERFECT.  I think I like that ending more than the original one HBO showed on Sunday?  It perfectly captures the mood of the characters at the trial and of all of us who were watching from our living rooms.  Complete utter shock and amazement after Tyrion drops the trial by combat hammer on his father.  Tywin’s reaction (especially with evil hamster music) was the best by far.  It was mix of anger and “You really wanna fuck with me little man?” looks.  Bonerific stuff.  This right here is why the internet exists. So people can mash things together that have nothing to do with one another and make magic like that.

By the way, the whole speech Tyrion gave at the end of Sunday’s episode is a Top 5 moment from the show.  Maybe even higher than that.  Basically just slamming his dwarf nuts on the table and laying it all on the line.  Going scorched earth, telling his father, who happens to be the most powerful man in the GOT world, and the entire city to go fuck themselves.  Goosebumps.