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Stephen A Smith Is Talking Football While Not Knowing Any Of The Players On The Team And Tedy Bruschi Is NOT Impressed

Hey look I’m not going to sit here and tell you I know every player on every team, but if I was gonna go on national TV every day I’d probably make sure I wasn’t hyping the Hunter Henry (on IR) vs Derrick Johnson (not on a team) matchup. I’d definitely have my research team give that a once over before I yelled it at cameras, that’s for sure. I’d ESPECIALLY do some extra research if Tedy Bruschi was on because that son of a bitch was a Patriot. He knew everyone player in the league’s goddamn birthday and blood type. You think Belichick would care that you’re on a million shows and talk about a million things? Hell no. This is your job and you better do it, or else you’re getting called out in film room/Tedy is going to make a very confused and disgusted face to millions of viewers when it becomes clear you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

But you know what? This almost makes me appreciate Stephen A more. He seems like he’s telling me that the sky is blue or that 2+2=4. He’s that sure of himself. I didn’t even blink an eye when he said Henry or Johnson I was just like oh hell yeah, “that is going to be a great matchup Stephen thanks for pointing that out. Can’t wait for kickoff to zero in on those two finely tuned athletes!” That’s how you become a master of your craft and Stephen A could undoubtedly piss on my head and I’d start singin’ in the rain.