People Called The Police On Their Neighbors And Complained About Noise, The Cops Showed Up And Played Super Smash Bros. With The Guys

Twin Cities- It started as a noise complaint but ended with St. Paul police officers playing video games with a group of friends gathered at an apartment. Jovante M. Williams put a short 11 second video of the moment on Twitter on Sunday and it’s taken off, with more than 75,000 views as of Tuesday night. Williams wrote: “SO NEIGHBORS CALLED THE COPS ON US AND NOW WE FIGHTING THEM… … IN SMASH BROS.” The officers were called to the apartment on University Avenue, near Hamline Avenue, on Friday about 10:30 p.m., according to a police record. They were responding after neighbor complaints of a noise disturbance.

I’m no stranger to having loud neighbors but I always find it wild when I read stories about people who call the cops on their neighbors for being too loud. I can understand if they’ve gone down multiple times, pounded on the door of the unruly neighbor and told them to shut the fuck up. That’s a different story. Calling the police because your neighbors are being super loud is a last resort option, at least for me. It’s so last resort that I’ve never done it. I simply close my eyes real tight and will myself to sleep. Nobody can make themself sleep like I can. If I had a super power, that’d be it. I’d be Fall Asleep Anywhere Anytime Guy. Nobody can fall asleep like me. Nobody.

What I don’t understand is calling the cops as the initial option. I don’t know if that’s the case with this story but I’m going to assume that it is. Well they picked the wrong apartment to call the cops and complain about noise because those guys were armed with Super Smash Bros. and the cops just couldn’t resist. Those cops were ready to give them a stern, “HEY! Keep it down” but saw them playing Smash Bros. and couldn’t help but jump on the sticks and go a few rounds. I get it. You get it. When somebody challenges you to a Super Smash Bros. match, you pick up that controller. Doesn’t matter if you’re a cop responding to a call or not. It’s go time.

I picture the cops going to the apartment of the people who complained after playing the game for an hour and being like, “We shut them up. You won’t have a problem with noise again, but if you do, do not hesitate to call. We’re more than happy to come back out and help.”  For the record, I always picked Link when playing Super Smash Bros. No, he wasn’t the best character for that game, but my loyalty to Ocarina of Time runs deep. #Hyrule4Lyfe.

Lastly, this story reminded me of of this Nick Swardson bit