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Elected Official Doesn't Do Her Job So Of Course She Sends A Scathing Letter Of Resignation Chastising Everyone Else

CALI – A Pleasant Hill, California city clerk accused of tweeting during City Council meetings instead of taking minutes has resigned from her ‘depressing’ job with a biting email wishing ‘good luck’ to the ‘schmuck’ who has to take her place. Kim Lehmkuhl, 34, was elected as Pleasant Hill’s clerk in 2012 and since has been criticized by the Mayor Tim Flaherty and other residents for writing opinionated Twitter updates during meetings instead of taking minutes. She was urged to resign. Lehmkuhl eventually left her position and not with a whimper but a fiery bang. In an email on Monday to Tim Flahrety she wrote, ‘This has been an atrocious, incredibly depressing and mind-numbingly inane experience I would not wish on anyone.’ Her burning email spewed even more pleasantries as she said, ‘I wish the City the best of luck in finding some schmuck eager to transcribe every last misogynistic joke, self-indulgent anecdote, and pathetic pandering attempt by Council.’ She called resident’s comments during meetings ‘racist’ and filled with ‘tinfoil hat’ conspiracies. In her message, she also said sardonically to June Catalano, the city manager, ‘Best of luck with your imminent unfunded pensions scandal.’

Let me get this straight. This broad with a shaved head not fit for the most lesbian of pornos was elected city clerk where she was supposed to take minutes of all the meetings. Instead of recording notes, she Tweeted constantly and didn’t do her job to the point where the entire community wanted her out. She then resigns, calls everyone out but herself and will literally get famous from not doing her jobs. 2014 in a nutshell.

YOU HAD ONE JOB! Take notes during city council meetings. This isn’t roofing as a redhead in the middle of July. It’s a cakewalk. And the worst part is people are going to have pity on this bitch and claim she’s the victim. Honey, if you fully admit you haven’t done your job you don’t go biting the hand that fed you. It would be like if I didn’t write a blog for a week then I call Pres a dirty Jew for making me write for this smut site, even though that’s exactly what I signed up for. It’s a matter of respect.

“I’m gonna take total ownership that this work product hasn’t been completed in a timely fashion.” At least we found the most roundabout and cuntiest way to say “I’m dog shit at my job” as possible. Lord have mercy on the man designated to this one. Poor guy will come home from a hard day’s work wishing for a hot meal and a handy only to hear “I’m personally responsible for not fulfilling the requirements of this relationship due to extenuating circumstances.” What a flaming bitch.