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The Rays Will Be Staying At The Joke That Is Tropicana Field Until 2027 - Just Move Them To Montreal

Tampa Bay Times

LAS VEGAS — Hillsborough County officials hoping Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred would help consummate the deal for a new Rays stadium appear to have struck out.

Manfred, in a strongly worded letter sent today, said the framework of the deal lacks specific details necessary for him to “understand the merits and feasibility” of the proposal as well as “the actual level of commitment” from the public side.

Further, Manfred addressed the looming deadline in the three-year window to let St. Petersburg officials know if they will find a new home in Tampa, writing he was “puzzled by the decision to inject me publicly in the process” with only weeks remaining.

What a disaster. How could the Rays continue to play in that dump for the next nine seasons? 2027 seems like an ETERNITY from now. I mean there’s a very solid chance I don’t live to 2027 with my current eating habits. The Rays were so close to escaping and playing in a normal stadium. They almost got out and then Rob Manfred shut down the whole operation for a variety of reasons. Goddamit. This place has become a fucking house of horrors for the Yankees over the years. They could be riding high on a 10-game winning steak, but if three in Tampa next on the schedule then that run is over. Since 2011 the Yankees are a combined 32-43 in Tampa. That is remarkable. It’s a blackhole.

Why do I hate the Trop so much? This play. This play sums up why Tropicana Field should be demolished.

How are there six different cat walks just chillin’ over a baseball field, interfering with a ton of fly balls and we just let it happen? It’s insane. It’s not a quirk of a ball park like the Green Monster or what the hill was in Houston before they took it down. No, this stadium just sucks. Unselfishly, the Rays deserve better. They won 90 games last year and have a joke of a home. If you can’t get these guys a real place to play then move them to Montreal. End of story.