Charles Barkley Could Have Beat The Living Piss Out Of These Losers Harassing Him And Nobody Would've Said A Thing

Hmmm. I didn’t know if you claimed you’re in the entertainment business you could be a certified dickweed and harass anyone you want. The “radio” guys should be thanking Sir Charles for not sitting on them until the playoffs are over. It’s one thing to confront Chuck in an open setting, it’s another thing to get between him and his booze.

From Charles Barkley’s Top 10 Quotes:

After throwing a guy through a 1st floor window in a bar, Charles stood in front of the judge.

Judge: “Your sanctions are community service and a fine, do you have any regrets?”

Charles: “Yeah I regret we weren’t on a higher floor.”

Barkley must be maturing at his age and weight as this obviously wasn’t his first rodeo with assholes. For what he’s able to get away with on live TV I’m outright shocked he didn’t ragdoll all three of these jabronis through the nearest glass window. Sir Charles never gets in trouble, he gets loved.

Has to be nice to need backup and call on Ving Rhames to take care of business.


Look at these lifeless eyes. Marcellus Wallace has seen some serious shit in his days with Chuck.