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Mortal Kombat 11 Just Released The Single Most Violent Trailer In The History Of Motion Pictures

First and foremost the single funniest part of this entire two minute and 29 second video was the warning before anything even started.


Oh really??? It “may” contain content inappropriate for children? Buddy I’m 29 (I know I look 43, time hasn’t been kind) and that contained content inappropriate for me. Now I get that’s a standard, boiler plate warning that they’re forced to put at the beginning but really it wasn’t enough for this particular trailer. Like Super Smash Bros. should get that message. MK11 should get the skull and crossbones warning you see on chemicals under the sink and episodes of Jackass.

Mortal Kombat finishers have always been gory and over the top, that’s why the game is so beloved that they’re still able to be cranking out their 11th installment. But when it started out back in the day graphics weren’t even a word most people knew. Now you have legions of the undead with individualized bone structures lining some sort of coliseum watching two warriors murderize one another to the upbeat tunes of 21 Savage.

For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with the works of 21, this is he:

21 was born specifically to make the soundtrack for a game as violent as this. It was a match made in heaven the depths of Hades. I mean, just look at this fucking game.


That’s not your older brother’s “GET OVER HERE” from the original Mortal Kombat. A thousand cobras attacking a family of coked up mongooses (mongeese?) wouldn’t be as violent as this trailer and I, for one, am very much here for it.