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Is This Philly Sports Logo Painting A Monstrosity Or Does It Belong In A Museum?


Don’t stress yourself out there, Picasso. Not sure if this should’ve been drawn by that kid who had trouble staying in the lines of a coloring book and dropped his pants all the way to the ankles at the urinal…or should it? Feel it represents Philly and our sports franchises to a T. It’s crude but the intentions are in good place. The heart, will and effort are there, just the execution is off a tad. Don’t dismiss the Colonial American flag and Union snake wrapped around the Phanatic, either. It’s the little things that make it right.

I’m sold. Clear out the Young Woman Seated at a Virginal (huh?) that’s currently at the Art Museum and treat this baby like the Mona Lisa. If I knew who the fuck Vermeer was I’m sure he’d understand.

Vote 1 for Throw It In The Delaware and 10 for Give It The Indiana Jones Treatment Immediately:

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If it’s above a 3 you bet your sweet ass we’ll get orders from the top to slap this puppy on a T-Shirt. Copyright infringement is like a George Costanza lie. It only exists if you believe it.