As It Turns Out, Aaron Rodgers Doesn't Hate His Parents: Suck It Jordan

Hey Aaron, how did you find out about Mike McCarthy getting fired?

“I found out the same way most of you found out. I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday, and then found out.”

I’m confused. I thought Aaron Rodgers hated his parents? I thought he didn’t care if his mother was being evacuated out of her home? I thought he couldn’t even be bothered to get on his phone to call his mother during the violent California fires? Jordan Rodgers – a perfectly sane and successful man who has worked hard for everything he has, a man who has never ridden the coattails of oh, let’s say, a famous brother –  told me so…

Now Aaron Rodgers is spending his birthday with his “folks?” What is this?!?!?! You mean to tell me Aaron isn’t some evil son who is too preoccupied with football to care if his mother is ok under the furnace of the wild fires? That his relationship with his parents is at least solid-enough that he/they would want to spend his 35th birthday together? That some reality “star” is a never-was that just wanted attention?

Hubbs is right: Jordan Rodgers is a sniveling little douchebag. I’m sure he’s pissed his parents visited Aaron in Green Bay and blew up his entire scheme. After all, what will he do now? How will he get the attention he so desperately seeks? What will he come up with to make himself relevant again? Is he going to attack puppies next? I bet he LOVED the Slate article bashing H.W. Bush’s dog, Sully. Probably took notes.

Jordan Rodgers sucks.