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Shia LaBeouf's Stalker Caught Eating Watermelon In HIs Driveway Yelling "You Are Albert Einsten And We Belong Together"



(Source) Shia LaBeouf lives in fear of a woman who is convinced he discovered the theory of relativity … a woman so deranged she threatened to blow up his house. Shia just got a restraining order against Graciela Nahle … who apparently showed up at his house eating watermelon on the driveway and when the actor asked her to leave she screamed, “I am going to blow up your house!  I am going to blow up the world! You are Albert Einstein and we belong together.”

According to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Nahle showed up at Shia‘s house 3 times and he fears for his safety. She’s been a thorn in Shia’s side for months, once showing up with an infant in her arms … claiming to have been best buds in a previous incarnation. She’s been previously arrested for making criminal threats against the actor. Nahle has been ordered to stay 100 yards clear of Shia.




I’ve always been curious what male celebrities do with female stalkers. I mean don’t get me wrong, the stuff about wanting to blow up the world and his house is fucked up and troubling, but what about this chick calling Shia Albert Einstein and basically being obsessed with everything he does? I’m not saying you marry the chick, but if you’re Shia LaBeouf and this chick is even remotely attractive don’t you fuck her just once? See if she’ll put her money where her mouth is. Like hey babe, you keep showing up to my door saying we were meant to be together, well let’s see if you mean it when we 69 and then I treat you like a human toilet. I don’t know, maybe I’m being naive here but if I had a stalker like this I think I’d at least see what type of fucked up shit she’d be into before I start throwing restraining orders around. Kind of playing with house money feel to it. You’re going to want to get rid of her eventually anyway? Might as well take it for a spin first.





Also I know that the response will be well if you have sex with her she’ll say you assaulted her or that she’s pregnant. The old “don’t stick your dick in crazy” theory. That’s why I would also hire an entire team of lawyers to watch us fuck. I’m talking witnesses upon witnesses upon witnesses. It will be a big gigantic show.