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Steelers Fan Headbutts Other Steelers Fan, Brawl Ensues

Yinzer Darren Rovell here had zero hesitation to break out the headbutt. This was not his first headbutting and you can tell by the way he seemed to take off his hat, tell his foe to “take off his hat” and use his forehead as a battering ram to toss his opponent swiftly to the ground. I’ll give the other guy credit, though. For a while it seemed as if his daughter? Wife? Person he doesn’t even know? For a while it seemed like that woman was going to get the best punches in on Polamalu’s behalf but he came back with a vigor and appeared to gain strength every time he was knocked to the ground. Tyson Fury is more than a boxer, he’s an inspiration for some.

Then the white Pouncey brother got in the mix, it seemed like it was dying down, but Polamalu saw his opportunity to get some rabbit punches in and he took it. I get why one would do that in the heat of the battle but it did not work out as he had planned as Heinz Rovell got his second wind and ended it once and for all, sending Polamalu backwards about 10 seats.

And by the way everyone reacted to this fight, I guess Polamalu started it? Anyone who buys a Pouncey jersey is a man of authority who I’m going to listen to 100/10 times. And the way he was directing Polamalu to get out of town leads me to believe he started this altercation and got his shit promptly pushed in as a result. Tough look to see your team blow a 16-point lead and get your nose bashed in for a fight you (probably) started only to go to work the next morning. Sunday Scaries like you read about.