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1 Lion Vs. A Pack Of 20+ Hyenas: Who Ya Got?

I think we have to chalk that up as a huge win for the lion species. Yeah I know they are the king of the jungle and hyenas are pretty much the mammal vulture of the jungle with a laugh track. But I feel like as you get older, you learn about all these other types of animals that are ferocious as fuck and how lions aren’t actually as awesome as you are led to believe. Tigers, sharks, and even alligators have even passed lions when it comes to great internet moments. So this lion handling his business and holding off a gaggle of those laughing assholes until his boy Tatu swooped in to save the day like Nate Dogg at the end of “Regulate” was great to see and put some respeck back on the lion name, even if video of a real life Simba emerging victorious over 20+ hyenas airing on BBC a week after the trailer for the live-action Lion King dropped is a pretty wild coincidence that I’m sure Disney had absolutely no hand in setting up.