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An NBA Coach Reportedly Says You Can't Have A Hot Woman Coaching Because Players Will Try To Fuck Her

San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves

[Tim Struby] – “You can’t have a hot woman in the NBA,” says one veteran NBA coach. “Guys will be trying to fuck her every day.”

“By and large the NBA is an incredibly sexist environment,” says the veteran NBA coach. “I listen to players talk about women. I have a daughter and it’s sometimes disturbing. But it’s nothing new. It hasn’t gotten worse over the years. In our society there are men uncomfortable working under women and a handful of our players would have a problem with it.”

Well, this is simply a bad quote. There’s no other way about it. I know for some talking about women coaching at the professional level is sort of taboo. Some feel it’s wrong because they ‘don’t know the sport’ or ‘don’t have the experience coaching men.’ For some others it’s simply irrelevant. As Michel Carter-Williams says:

“Experience leads to bonding, to relating,“ explains Michael Carter-Williams, a six-year NBA veteran recently acquired by the Houston Rockets. “As an athlete you know they understand you.”

That’s how it should be. No matter sex, race, religion, etc., if you can get the players to listen to you and understand them you should be considered a possible option to coach at the professional level. Now, will some athletes be harder to deal with and possibly refuse to listen? Of course. Not everyone is the same way.

But, to flat out say that players will try to fuck a hot woman that’s coaching? That only hurts any sort of possible breakthrough. No matter if this is anonymous or not you’d like to think that this wouldn’t happen.

We obviously have Becky Hammon coaching the Spurs and the Nuggets just hired Sue Bird. When you hear Spurs players and staff talk about Hammon it’s nothing but positive. There’s a reason she’s there. It’s not some pity hire or PR move, it’s because she brings something positive to the table.

I’d really like to know what coach said this.