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I've Never Had Taco Bell And It's Causing A Stir

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So, I’m just going to get out ahead of this: I, Queen of Relatable Twitter, have never had Taco Bell. It’s not that I have anything against Taco Bell, it just never happened! I honestly think I would like it, because I love fast food and I love tacos. Regardless, it was always that deep, dark secret of mine that I rarely admitted.

Today, I accidentally told YP that I’ve never had it while on live, national radio. Big mistake. Now, there’s a giant witch hunt against me, and KFC is forcing me to try some. He’s just ordered a hundred dollars worth of Taco Bell. For the record, I’m very uncomfortable eating in front of people, so being forced to try a food I’ve never had ON CAMERA in front of my entire office is absolutely my worst nightmare. I seriously don’t think I can think of anything worse.

I know that my brand is all about Taco Bell, and to have never tried it is almost disingenuous when I’m supposed to be representing the “common white girl”. And for that reason and that reason alone, I will make myself very uncomfortable and try Taco Bell in front of God and this office. Don’t say I never do anything for my followers. Review will be coming later.