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The Lakers Must Be Back Because We Have JaVale McGee Signing Babies

What did I just watch? I get it, the Pepsi Center last night was essentially a Lakers home game, so much so the Mike Malone had a pretty funny take on it

but anyway, back to this video. I can understand if you’re a Lakers fan and you’re in the arena that you want to secure a signature. That’s not all that weird, happens all the time. With guys like LeBron, Kuzma, Ingram, Lonzo, there are many options to choose from. Here’s where this lady loses me though. Unless she has some sort of tie to JaVale McGee, how is HE going to be the one you choose to sign your baby? That should be saved for the actual stars or something. JaVale should get a tshirt or maybe a boob at the MOST. Do you know what you’re now signing up this sweet innocent baby for in the event they ever play basketball? Probably some sort of version of this

That’s messed up as a parent. You’re supposed to be looking out for your child, not exposing them to a potential life filled with Shaqtin’ moments. I can’t wait for when that baby is old enough to where the Mom shows them the time they got their first signature. A 5 seconds Google search to realize who the player was is going to be a great moment. This is just a mean thing to do to your sleeping baby. You’re telling me she couldn’t have gotten the attention of anyone else? I guess when you’re hot like the Lakers are everyone is worth it.

My only other thought is this woman has been a Lakers fan for 15 seconds and has no idea who JaVale McGee is. She just saw this massive basketball player and immediately offered her baby. I want to believe that instead because knowing full well who McGee is and decided HE’S the one signature you need is just a disaster. The sad news is this signature is about to be worthless because LeBron is going to have McGee shipped out the second he gets a sniff of a star this team needs with his cap space this summer. So let this be a bit of advice for any of you that are thinking about getting your baby signed by an NBA player.

A). Make sure they are good

B). Make sure they have more than a 1 year deal

C). Make sure it is not JaVale McGee

Lakers fan though, what a weird bunch.