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Will Smith Is Schooling Us All In The Pursuit of Happyness

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Social media is a wicked lie. It cons people into believing everyone but you has a perfect life. That you are behind in life because Joe and Nancy #RelationshipGoals have 2 kids, a beautiful home, the perfect dog and are SO in love. That Tiffany #IWokeUpLikeThis looks fucking gorgeous in the morning.

And we know it’s not true! We know that Joe travels a lot for work and that sometimes he mysteriously stays a couple of extra days while Nancy is home alone with an intolerable toddler and a colic infant who won’t shut the fuck up. We know that Tiffany got her ass up, contoured the hell out of her face, put on fresh eyelashes, took an extra 20 minutes to create the morning after glow, and THEN jumped back into bed for the pic. We know it, and yet we get fooled because when you only see happy people, it straight up fucks with your brain.

And that’s why when someone strips down a little bit and gets real… it can be pretty special.

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Damn I love Will Smith. He didn’t have to go there, he didn’t have to divulge his personal relationships, but in doing so inspired thousands and thousands of people.

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It’s comforting to hear other people are going through some shit too. He’s been through divorce, his relationship with his son wasn’t perfect, his relationship with his ex-wife definitely wasn’t perfect, but he worked through it all. And now his ex-wife, Jada, and him all co-parent together. (Wonder if they do anything else together…)

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Will Smith – fame, fortune, looks, success, popularity, and coolness aside – he’s just like us.