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Bad Ass Billy Gunn Is 55 Years Old And He LIFTS

Billy Gunn LIFTS! Dude is 55 years old and looks like he’s chiseled out of granite, meanwhile I’m 30 and I got winded getting out of bed this morning. Wish I was making that up, but my conditioning is rivaled by Rosie O’Donnell on a stairmaster. I always feel like a pile of trash when I see how yoked some older guys are. Like, if I’m a tub of mayonnaise at 30 years old, I’m going to be one of the fat guys in WALL-E by the time I’m in my mid-50’s. Meanwhile BA Billy Gunn looks like he could curl a firetruck and rip a phone book in half before breakfast.

I mean even if he’s on the juice (and loves talking to his fans) that doesn’t even matter. If The Ass Man is that ripped, it’s time to bring back DX and have him and Road Dogg run amok once again.

Actually crazy how they had the crowd eating out their hands every step of the way. The good ol’ days, folks.

I think I should start the gym today.

Hit the music!