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We Are Four Days Away From The Best Party Of The Year, WeishFest

WeishFest is THIS coming weekend. Saturday December, 1st and it is truly one of the best parties of the year and it’s for an awesome cause. I didn’t know about WeishFest until I went last year and now I’ll never miss one. The story is incredible. And you should read all about Andrew Weisher, here, but he is a Chicago kid through and through. Football player, good student, loved by everyone. Truly the all-American boy. Then tragically, Andrew lost his battle with cancer after three years of fighting. He and his family decided not to stop fighting against cancer and that is where this event comes in to play

Prior to Andrew’s passing, in October of 2012, he asked his younger brother Dan to “pay forward”the acts of kindness and generosity he received.  In early 2013, the AWF was created to honor Andrew’s request of paying it forward, specifically by: providing acts of kindness and generosity; easing the financial burden; bringing joy to the family, and providing a temporary escape.

WeishFest has gotten bigger and better every year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re holding WeishFest 2024 at the United Center at the rate they’re going. This year it’s at Bourbon Street(same venue as last year). The Weishars have thought of everything to make this an awesome experience for everyone who attends including transportation. No car? Don’t want to uber? No big deal. They’re running shuttle buses. Don’t have tickets yet? Guess what…they’re still on sale. Don’t know who is playing…well aren’t you in for a treat because they’ve got TWO huge headliners.

For you country fans the headliner is Easton Corbin

And for people who went to High School at the same time as me…DISPATCH

It’ll be an amazing time. Drinks, music, and paying it forward. Come find me at the show.