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Netflix Is Making An Animated Series For Roald Dahl Books Like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, And More

THR- Netflix will adapt Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and other stories from author Roald Dahl into family oriented animated series under a deal with the late author’s family. The streaming giant and the Roald Dahl Story Company will produce “animated event series” and specials based on a number of Dahl’s works, also including The BFG, The Twits, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Did Netflix do it again or did Netflix do it again? Reading classics like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, James and The Giant Peach, and Matilda in school are a big part of the reason this smut blogger became fascinated with the written word as a child and is blogging before you today, while Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator taught me to never trust a sequel. But those stories still remain some of my favorite books all these years later, even though there hasn’t been much reading in the Casa de Clem over the last decade or so. Anyway, I cannot be more delighted that a company with the reputation of Netflix is going to be in charge of bringing back some of my favorite stories, animating them, and allowing me to watch them with my kids and passing it off as reading time. If I had to choose a favorite author from my childhood, it would either be Roald Dahl or Shel Silverstein battling for the crown. Shel would probably kill Roald because he looked like a grizzly motherfucker and was a Korean War vet, even though Roald Dahl was no slouch as an intelligence officer during World War II. However I cannot get this picture of Silverstein that was burned into my brain as a kid.


Okay, that got weird, but I wanted to drop some fun facts in this blog. Lets go back to the Netflix series.

I cannot wait to see what the people who animate these books put together for some of the most vibrant storytelling I remember from my youth. Will it be one big universe that overlaps? Will there be little easter eggs for Diehard Dahlheads (just came up with that one myself). Will people get mad online about how an animated Charlie Bucket was poor shamed in a cartoon despite the fact his cheap ass family had four elderly people sharing a bed for decades? No matter what the answers to those are, just keep Tim Burton’s weirdo hands as far away from the animated series as possible. He already ruined two Roald Dahl books on the silver screen. I don’t need to see The BFG through some dark undead bullshit lens starring Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.

P.S. My 4th grade teacher loooooved Roald Dahl to the point we read all his hits and even had a Roald Dahl Day. And not to brag, but I was given the role of Charlie Bucket, which if we are being honest was pretty much the lead role of the entire day since Willy Wonka was just a super eccentric creep (I wasn’t super fat yet, so whoever was the chubby kid that year played Augustus Gloop).