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Police Called To Scene Of Dead Body Find Sex Doll Instead

Via KREM Idaho:

A Lewiston man reported finding a body on the ground on Fourth Street last Sunday that turned out to be a lifelike sex doll, police said.

The Lewiston Police Department received a call about a body found on the sidewalk on Nov. 18 at 11:30 p.m. When officers responded to the scene, they found a human-sized doll, undressed and laying on the ground.

A spokesman for the police department said the doll is approximately 100 pounds and made of silicone.

Lewiston Police secured the doll as found property for the owner to claim. If the rightful owner does not claim the doll within six months, it will be destroyed, police said.

First off, can you imagine being out for a stroll & thinking you found a dead body only to find out it’s a large masturbation device? What an extremely weird relief. Also, I have a lot of questions…

Lewiston, Idaho is not big city livin’. It’s a small town of about 30K wedged between two rivers where the big businesses are paper and munitions & the median income is $36,606. So with a quality silicone sex doll costing around $3,000 who had the audacity to discard this gal? Who is this baller? And what gets one to the point where they toss a sex doll out of their car in the first place?

Did he find a real woman to love? Did he upgrade to a fancier doll? Did his mom find it & threaten to kick him out of the basement?

I’d say it was a crappy prank from students at the nearby Lewis-Clark State College but odds are good they’re barely scraping enough for a few cases of Natty, let alone tossing one of these gals out for fun.

Whoever did it, you only have six months to save her before the cops have one of the strangest destruction tasks of their lives. I’ll check back in before it’s time & if no one’s come forward, I’ll open my Venmo & see if we can get an adoption thing going. <3< p>