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Ja Morant And Ky Bowman Are Two Guards That Just Forced Two Bigs Into Having To Quit Basketball With These Dunks

My dear God, these are two just absolutely hellacious dunks. Think about it, these are two guards. Ja Morant is listed at 6’3″ and Ky Bowman is listed at 6’1″. They dunked over guys that are 6’9″ and 7’0″ respectively. Just absolutely unreal hops from both of them and incredible finishes. But, this is the internet and apparently there can only be one winner. So the question is what dunk impressed you more? Don’t get me wrong, both were beyond impressive. But, I think I have to go with Morant here. The fact he had that little hesitation. The fact that he cocked the ball back and went over two guys at 6’5″ and 6’9″. Just once I’d love to know what it feels like to pull this off in a major game. It has to be awesome and never get old.