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For $40 You Can Watch The NFL Draft Tonight With Riley Cooper In Delco


FacebookDELCO – Come out to Nineteen 19 in Havertown for the NFL Draft in Philadelphia on Thursday May 8th 2014!!! Hosting the event will be Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver!!! Riley will be signing autographs from 7:00-8:00 for $40 per autograph and that includes a buffet and open domestic draft beer!!! All ages are welcome to attend this event and tickets will be available at the door and on We will also have items available for purchase for Riley to sign at the event.

If you offered to pay me $40 I still wouldn’t go out drinking in Delco. Not worth the stitches from the inevitable brawl because some outsider talked shit on Wawa or because it’s Thursday. Meatsticks gonna meat. But this right here could be a fun time. Riley’s actually one of those nice, approachable guys to drink and chill with when you see him out. Sure, he’ll drink until he can’t see straight and obviously has no filter when smashed, but who cares if you’re right there with him. You can even bring the kids. So grab your truck nuts, put some Kenny on the jukebox and see where the night takes you. Nothing does more for the ol’ self confidence than buying drinks for a millionaire.