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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Woman Who Beat Her Husband Up Because He Wouldn't Buy Her A Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Souvenir Hat?



(Source) Police have arrested a woman accused of attacking her husband on Lower Broadway after he refused to buy her a hat. Sommer Trent, 33, was booked into the Metro jail on assault charges early Sunday morning. According to her arrest warrant, the two were on Broadway outside of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville when the fight erupted.

She allegedly cursed, threw her husband’s cowboy hat into the street and grabbed him by the throat. Four people witnessed the fight. Trent and her husband were in town from West Virginia for Sunday’s Titans game, the warrant said.



Well what hat was it? That’s kind of important no? I mean if you’re asking me to decide who’s right and wrong in this situation I need a few more details because not every Jimmy Buffett souvenir hat is created equal right? Look at the store.




License to Chill? Absolutely worth jail time. That’s a license to literally chill out and relax all the time. That hat has a street value of priceless. It’s impossible to be more chill than owning a license to do so.





Parrot Hat. Fuck and yes. That’s a peacock hat right there. That’s a hat that gets you free drinks at the bar. I’d go to jail for that hat in a heartbeat.





Land Shark visor? I’ve never seen a visor that wasn’t cool. It’s like the License to Chill hat, except it’s a license to be the best looking person everywhere you go because you’re wearing a visor.






Shark Bite Landshark hat? In a word. Badass. Whoa man did you get in a little tangle with a Great White? Nah, it’s just a hat I picked up at Jimmy Buffet’s Souvenir giftshop for $59.99…or is it?






Finally you have the straw cap. That’s just classy. Even if you’re a black out drunk from West Virginia, you put this hat on and you’re basically the Queen of England.






So you want me to judge this lady for being so dumb that she ends up in jail over a 10 dollar hat fine, but I’ll simply ask, which hat? Because there are some things worth going to jail for and a lot of those things can be found in the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville gift shop.