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A Gay Student Comes Out To His Entire High School During A Packed Assembly

“Announcing yourself to the world is pretty terrifying because, what if the world doesn’t like you? I decided that it was finally time to tell someone the truth. It wasn’t easy, but I told my Mum that I thought I might be gay.”

I don’t know about you, but in my high school this would have never happened. Being outwardly and openly gay in a Texas high school was just not something that happened all that often. There were about 4,000 students at my high school and in the four years I spent there, there was only one openly gay student, and he was ridiculed ALL THE TIME. He never showed that it bothered him, and maybe/hopefully it didn’t, but I was always amazed by his resiliency. He didn’t give a fuck what people thought about him.

Now we have this student, Finn Stannard, in this ultra-fancy, rich Catholic school in Sydney coming out to an auditorium filled with over 1,500 students and he’s just telling his truth.

“When I said it, I just felt this energy pass through me, and I felt that was the first time I’d really been proud of who I was.”

Can you imagine standing in front of a crowd of 1,500 people and blasting your biggest secret into a microphone for all to hear? A secret you’ve kept hidden because you fear it will make you different from the group, unwelcome perhaps, or maybe just typecast you into a category you will never be able to escape?

Finn took the narrative so many of us cling to – the desire to fit in – and decided who he really is is more important. Whatever consequences come his way, whatever friendships dwindle, whatever whispers he hears in the hall (humans can be such assholes), none of that is as important as him being true to himself.

Congrats to Finn for reminding us who we are is good enough.