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Merry Draft Day! Here's NFL Network's Informative Eagles War Room Segment

Suck it, ESPN. This is what we call good analysis of reasonable and realistic football predictions. If this was Sportscenter’s segment it would be 10 minutes of how the Eagles could trade up to get Johnny Football before the former pro analysts talk about the day they were drafted for 20 minutes.

WR, CB, Safety and OLB. Those are the targeted positions tonight. Unless there’s a WOW player that’s by far the best player available on the board at 22, look for them to go with a WR in the first round and maybe even the second. The position is just way too deep for them to not take advantage this year. NO WAY that rumor of Chip packaging Foles and the first rounder to the Browns’ to get Manziel at #4. Chip’s crazy, but he isn’t stupid. Foles is the future.