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Woman Who Is Way More Impressive Than Me Sets Record With Sixth Boxing World Champs Win

Barstool’s “Mediocre” Kate is a plant mother of four, remains vague about being somewhere in her early 30s, & now holds the record for embarrassing leftover pie intake on Thanksgiving weekend.

In other news..

India’s “Magnificent” Mary Kom is a mother of three, just turned 36, & now holds the record after winning her sixth World Championship boxing title over the weekend. NBD.

From the Times Of India:

Mary Kom became the most successful boxer in the history of women’s world championships by beating Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota in an unanimous 5-0 verdict.

Kom clinched the record sixth World Championship Gold medal in the light flyweight 48 kilogram category after outclassing Ukraine’s Hanna Okhota by an unanimous 5:0 verdict. Previously she’d been tied with Katie Taylor of Ireland.

At barely 100LBs I have no doubt she could still kick my ass, especially as I enter my annual holiday health spiral. Regardless, it was nice to scroll around online & see how India is celebrating her victory & that she’s enjoying it with her family.

Meanwhile, I’m diving back into the pie as the Eagles continue to puzzle me. I like to think refusing to look up at the TV while I focused on this instead had something to do with today’s win over the Giants.

Here’s Kom’s highlights from the weekend to offset my lifestyle lowlights: