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Did Jimbo Fisher's Nephew Punch An LSU Staffer Who Has Parkinson's?

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 1.49.01 PM

Last night, I blogged this photo:

At the time, there wasn’t a lot of info on the fight, outside of Kevin Faulk being involved. Then this tweet popped up:

Some people were saying Steve Kragthorpe was up in the booth, so how would he have been on the field? All indications point to Kragthorpe being on the field after the game:

Here is a bit of a video of the incident:

The question remained, who was the Texas A&M fan?

Somehow, the drama of the game with 7 OTs didn’t end when the final whistle was blown. What a wild, wild game. Reports are that Steve Kragthorpe is doing okay. We’ll stay on top of this for any new info. If this is all true, the only fair punishment is putting Cole Fisher in a Rough N’ Rowdy ring with Coach O.