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Bears Vs Lions - A Chase Daniel Thanksgiving - Live Blog

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody except every team in the NFC North.

Here we are 80-something hours later with an opportunity to start the season 8-3, and we have to do it without our starting quarterback. We obviously have no idea what to expect out of Chase Daniel, but we’re all about to find out in what may be dubbed as “The Chase Daniel Game” in the future.

He’s been in the offense for quite some time so i’m expecting to see a couple new wrinkles that we haven’t seen with Mitch yet. I know some people are nervous, but I really don’t see the reason to be. You gotta trust that Matt Nagy and this defense is going to put Chase in the best possible spot to win this game. Let’s hope Munch Howard awakes from his slumber and that we keep playing takeaway ball.

Go out there, pick up a win, and then let’s eat some damn turkey and drink some High Lifes.

Bear Down.