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Gambling Around Your Family On Thanksgiving

This is by far my favorite holiday to gamble around my family because everyone is gathered around the t.v. for some football. This years games stink as well so it will be very fun for the family to try and figure out why I am yelling at the Cowboys kicker for missing a kick even thought they are up 20 points.

You will have Aunt Carol sitting there like a shlep that doesn’t give a fuck about sports thats asking you questions like, why is there a yellow line on the field and you entertain it because it’s the holidays. She will also be bragging about her dog shit casserole the entire game and after the over doesn’t hit it’s fair game to say whatever  you want to good ole aunt Carol. Next you have Uncle Vick that sits there all game pretending to know a lot about the game and just starts spitting out wikipedia stats about Matt Stafford.

An experienced gambler blocks Aunt Carols nonsense out and lets uncle Vick ramble on. Most households will have the football games on but the Mush household will have the Continental Tire Las Vegas Holiday International game on. Southern Illinois is only -2.5 against Umass so the entire family will be very confused why that will be in rotation. Degenerates everywhere have to stay strong today as people will be saying ” why are you getting so mad it is just a game ” and you have to remain calm. You might even have people laughing like Big Cat is in this video and you have my permission to get Aunt Carols casserole and throw it at the laughing cousin.

Now if you are a closet degenerate and none of your family knows, it is going to be a long day. Thanksgiving is never an easy day on bets, I always feel like there is a late backdoor cover or just a bad beat in general. You are a better man than I am if you keep those emotions in. I remember those days and you are sick to your stomach while everyone is enjoying themselves eating cranberry sauce while you are trying to climb out of a hole and thinking how to pay the bookie.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and good luck gambling with the family.