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Oh Hello Rock Bottom

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics

Oh you thought this team had hit rock bottom? No no, rock bottom is when you get your dicks blown off by a 4-14 Knicks team that is actively trying to lose so they can get a high lottery pick. There’s no other way to say it, not only was this the worst loss of the season, but given everything going on with this team right now it only adds fuel to the fire. We’re at the point where these Celtics couldn’t beat an under .500 Hornets team, and then came back HOME and lost to one of the worst teams in the league, wire to wire. And here’s what I don’t want you to do. Don’t put this on one person, you should not be letting everyone else off the hook because it’s an EVERYONE problem right now. From Kyrie to Yabu every single person on this team is the problem right now.

You cannot give up 65 points in the first half. You cannot give up 49/50% splits and 10+ 3PM. Where is the defense from literally anyone. Can one person show me they can play defense and stop one of the worst teams in the league? I’m not even being picky at this point. I just want them to beat a 4 win team, and apparently that’s too much to ask? Fuck you Celtics you assholes. Of course on the offensive end it was more of the same, some stellar 39/30% splits on your HOME floor which as we just learned, cannot even beat teams who want to lose.

We’ve heard the lip service for weeks about how there are no excuses. About how they will figure it out and be fine, well how about you try that thing where you actually show improvement? Everyone wanted lineup changes, that was supposed to be the fix right? Nope. What else ya got? In typical shitty Celtics fashion every single time they cut it to 10 and just needed ONE momentum stop, they couldn’t get it. That’s annoying as hell. Take the final possession for example. DID YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM GUARDING KEMBA WALKER? WHY ARE YOU GIVING TREY BURKE SPACE TO TAKE A PULL UP THREE JAYSON?!?!??!

We’ll have more on this tomorrow, I have a great deal of drinking to do.

Celtics haters, the floor is yours, go nuts.