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Neck Guy Got Arrested Again

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NYP- Look who stuck his neck out yet again on Wednesday — this time, in Alabama. Charles Dion McDowell, who became a viral sensation last week on account of his mugshot, decided to put his freedom on the line and flee from police during a traffic stop in Montgomery, according to officials. He had just been let out of jail in Florida, where he was busted on numerous charges, one of them being evading police. But McDowell apparently didn’t learn his lesson. The 31-year-old allegedly ran from officers and refused stop — forcing authorities to eventually spike his tires. Lee County Sheriff’s deputies took McDowell into custody early Wednesday morning and charged him with attempting to elude, second-degree marijuana possession, driving with a revoked license, reckless driving and improper lane usage.

Come on, Neck Guy. Come on now. You just can’t let this happen again if you’re Neck Guy. The entire internet made fun of him the last time and now it’s gonna happen all over again. People were extremely mean to Neck Guy and his GIANTTTTTTTTTTTTTT neck. Just the biggest and widest neck you’ll ever see on Neck Guy. He should’ve done everything in his power to make sure he never had to take another mug shot. He needed to either A) not get in trouble with the police again or B) make sure he could get away from the police this time around. He didn’t do either of those things and now the cycle just resets and people are gonna make fun of Neck Guy all over again. He knows it too. Look at him. He is decidedly less happy this time around

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Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 8.12.48 PM

He’s pissed. That second picture is the look of a guy who got dragged and knows he’s about to get a second round of mean comments on the internet. I actually feel bad for him. That neck is ginormous. Stay strong, Neck Guy. I don’t wanna see you on here again.