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Some Goober Masshole Gave An Interview About Weed Legalization Dressed As A Giant Pot Plant

So they talked about this a little bit on the rundown yesterday, but pot is officially legal in Massachusetts. They put two shops out in western Mass and more will slowly start popping up towards the city (Salem, Amesbury, Salisbury) as time goes on, which I guess is their way of easing into it. Normally I wouldn’t have blogged this, but I came home last night and the story is literally EVERYWHERE. People can’t stop talking about how much of a “life changer” this is. The same thing happened when Colorado legalized weed. People came themselves for like a week until they realized that it’s still cheaper to go to their scumbag high school buddy who’s been screwing them over for years.

My favorite part though is the interviews with the people waiting in line. A bunch of stoners standing outside in the cold, high, telling reporters how important it is that they get their “medicine.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyway, this interview may be my favorite of all time. He didn’t say anything noteworthy, but the fact that he dressed up like an actual pot plant to go buy pot is laugh out loud funny.

What a fucking goober. The best part is you know the only reason he’s wearing a mask is because he can’t have people seeing him in line. He’s probably an accountant at EMC or a recruiter at ALKU or something. It’s a shame too because he’s giving all the normal stoners, like these people, a bad name.

Whatever. Hopefully he got what he was looking for in time for Thanksgiving so he can go on that after dinner “walk” with his cousins. Five more hours until the weekend. Hang in there, folks.