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African Children Experiencing Their First Snow Will Make You Feel Very Warm And Fuzzy Inside And Also Prove Snow Is The Best

Let’s get the holiday started off right! Nothing puts me in the mood for some family time and holiday cheer like a refugee family experiencing their first snow and seeing the pure delight on the faces of the children.

I’ve been a very vocal supporter of snow my whole life and this video reinforces that belief. “Wah but I have to shovel!” you say. “Traffic moves slower though!” you whine. “I’m chilly willy sometimes!” you bitch, like a cold little bitch. I don’t care about any of that because it doesn’t affect my life. I live in an apartment that’s close to my office and have no shortage of jackets. Even if I didn’t, I’d take those minor inconveniences to experience the magic of snow.

My high school had kids from all over and I used to get so jealous watching them experience their first snow. We take it for granted because it’s all we’ve ever known but you should see kids from Central America or South America or the Caribbean (I will never spell that correctly first try) or Africa or anywhere sprint outside to play in snow. It’s cool as hell. When you think about it it’s gotta be wild to see your world literally change over night. Like you just wake up and live in a completely different environment with a different landscape. It’s like going to bed on earth and waking up on Pluto.

You don’t get that shit in warm weather climates. You know what you get? Tshirts, shorts, stranger exposing their feet in flip flops, and sweat. You get that shit year round. FUCKKKKKK that.

PS – Kinda got away from the point of my blog but I want to reiterate those kids are awesome and that video is awesome.