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Penn Basketball's Travel For The Paradise Jam Is Straight Out Of Everyone's Nightmare

There’s no exaggeration here. Penn basketball suffered what I can only consider a nightmare. The Quakers traveled to the Virgin Islands for the Paradise Jam. I mean sounds wonderful, right? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t. I’m not even lying. Outside of injury or anything like that, there’s no one in the world who will suffer worse than Penn. It started with the travel to the Virgin Islands.

Penn’s website detailed the travel on the way there. It’s incredibly long, but I recommend reading it. It’s WILD. It started with the airline just not having someone at the counter to help. That seems wonderful. I mean look at what happened after all of that and re-booked:

Remember earlier in this adventure where Brad told QMH that we might get booked on JetBlue but it wasn’t looking pretty? Here’s why. This was the JetBlue itinerary:
*The group would depart Philadelphia at 2 p.m. for Fort Lauderdale, where they would have a five-hour layover.
*From there, the group would fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they would have another four-hour layover.
*From there, it was a short hop to St. Thomas. Expected arrival time? 7:30 a.m. (6:30 Eastern) on Friday morning, nearly 17 hours after leaving Philly and a mere 11 hours before our opening game.

Penn actually won the first game against UNI. But, that’s not the point here. Let’s check in on the travel back home last night:

That’s not too crazy. Happens quite a bit. Oh, wait.

You know Riggs is thrilled to see American get dragged through the mud here.

About a 24 hour delay, stuck in the airport. Yeah, I’m not going to fly for quite some time after reading this horror story. I’ll stick to just sitting in my recliner.