This Guy Perfectly Sums Up All Of Chicago's Thoughts and Feelings Towards Dente's RIDICULOUSLY Low Pizza Review Score For Armand's and Gene & Jude's Hot Dogs

In case you missed it, Eddie and I kidnapped Portnoy to show him some REAL Chicago food staples last Friday.  Videos are all trickling out over the internet now.  here’s our latest one below

And wouldn’t ya know it? Portnoy went FULL DENTE and assumed all the places we were going to take him to were automatically gonna be trash.  A true blue pizza reviewer would go into each place with an open mind, gumption and integrity, but he’s so biased against Chicago because of years of bickering with Big Cat that his scores were inherently going to be low as fuck.

I mean… I get that he comes from a place that has shit food outside of disgusting clam soup or whatever, but to call Gene and Jude’s a 5 is OUTRAGEOUS.  Anyone from Chicagoland knows that that is the best dog on planet earth and there isn’t a close second.  It’s the pinnacle of one of Chicago’s 3 main food groups; Pizza, beefs and hot dogs… and he trashed it.  Completely insulted not only Gene and Jude’s good name, but Chicago and everyone from it as well.   He might as well have unzipped his pants and pissed on our faces.

AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON ARMAND’S.  Absolutely, positively one of the best thin crust pizzas in Chicago.  Holy shit have a less sophisticated palette Dente.  You can’t.

Dente isn’t gonna get away with this one.  That’s a promise from not only me, WSD, but from Red Line Radio and everyone in Chicago to the rest of the internet.  Actually it’s not a promise… it’s a fact.